Episode #38 - Stress and Taming the To-Do List with Megan Flatt - Maggie Patterson

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Episode #38 – Stress and Taming the To-Do List with Megan Flatt

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Whenever I’m in a state of feeling overwhelmed and like my to-do list is out of hand, I talk to my friend Megan Flatt. She’s a business coach who works primarily with moms who are building businesses amid the challenges of day-to-day life with busy kids and family life. Today Megan shares some super practical tips for managing your stress and taming your to-do list for good.

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Megan’s number one tip to get out of overwhelm quickly
  • Some of the top stress triggers Megan has encountered
  • How to identify your own stress triggers, and how to avoid them once you know
  • Megan’s advice for mastering your task list instead of letting it master you
  • What are ‘buckets’ and how can they help you manage your to-do list?
  • Megan’s favorite shortcuts for making the most of your time
  • Why downtime is super important for your business and your life
  • Megan’s top tools you should really embrace to master your to-do list

Top 3 Takeaways for this Episode:

  1. Understand what triggers you, and sends you into that swirling feeling of overwhelm and stress.
  2. Start breaking your schedule down into ‘buckets’ to help with taming the to-do list.  It makes your schedule a lot more manageable, and you can see areas you can ask for help.
  3. Start writing things out with pen and paper. Things become much more tangible when you write it down.
  4. Bonus Takeaway! Start a shareable calendar, no matter what type. It will help you better coordinate, and respect others’ time.

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  • Lane October 16, 2014, 9:17 am

    Loved this episode! Listening to this made me realize my top 2 stress triggers are not getting enough sleep and, like Maggie, having in-person stuff on my calendar. The more things on my calendar where I have to be somewhere (with makeup on), the more stressed out I get! Thanks for this – it was a fun listen. 🙂