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Episode 108: Holly Gillen – Powering Up Your Biz with Periscope

episode 108


One of my fave video pros, Holly G joins us today to talk about Periscope.  She covers what it is, how she’s using it and the #1 thing you need to consider before you dive in as part of the what’s working now series.

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Holly gives us the rundown of what Periscope is and what we can use it for in our business
  • Holly shares how she’s really using Periscope to add value to her business
  • We talk about how to actually make time to periscope in your business
  • Holly shares what she learned over her first month of using Periscope strategically and the results for her business
  • Using Periscope can increase your following on all other social media platforms, Holly shares her personal results
  • Before you decide to just hop on Periscope, you need to make sure ‘your tribe’ is actually hanging out there
  • Get yourself and your strategy business ready, you need to prep and plan out your scopes to make them impactful
  • Be flexible with your planning: make sure people can ask questions and give feedback since that is the great part about this platform
  • Holly goes over the essential equipment for Periscope
  • If you think you are ready to jump into Periscope, Holly urges you to really know your ‘why’
  • Holly reminds us to keep it classy, remember you are using this for your business!

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Top 3 Takeaways for this Episode:

  1. Periscope is there to enhance what you’re already doing. If you don’t have your business set up yet, hopping into a platform like periscope and expecting it to skyrocket your success is totally unrealistic.
  2. Make sure that you really know why you are using Periscope. Understand your purpose and plan, be very clear about your expectations. Test and correct as you go.
  3. Before you Periscope, get prepared! Make sure you have the right equipment: phone, tripod, etc. And make sure you are clear and have a plan, it will make all the difference.


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