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Episode #19 – Picking Your Social Platforms with Stacey Harris

picking your social platforms For the next few weeks we are doing a deep dive on social media with a focus on putting it in its rightful place in our marketing mix.

We’re kicking off the Social Media Smackdown Series today on the show with social media guide The Stacey Harris. Our topic is picking your social platforms and much more!

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Why you should be everywhere…but not
  • The role of your ideal client and understanding their needs
  • Why Stacey likes Google+ especially if you have a strong video component
  • The need to diversify your eggs instead of having them all in one basket
  • Tweaking your content for each social media platform
  • Stacey’s favorite social networks
  • Assessing what’s converting for you using Google Analytics to make the most of your time invested on social networks
  • The role of groups and 1:1 interaction
  • Why you need to be human on social media
  • The importance of being yourself and having the power to repel the wrong clients
  • Experts, gurus and figuring out if people are the real deal or not
  • Do your homework because perception is not reality on social media
  • Stacey’s take on social media “rules”
  • Figuring out what’s aligned with you and your brand to avoid the shoulds
  • How becoming a podcaster is easier than you think
  • Avoiding social media time suck

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Top 3 Takeaways For this episode:

  1. Pick two primary and two secondary networks so can manage your time.
  2. Measure and track. Find out what is actually working for your business and understand your referral traffic in Google Analytics.
  3. Remember that leveraging community and relationships come first on social media.








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