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Episode #32 – Fired Up About Challenges with Racheal Cook

thumbnailChallenges are being run all the time, but do they work? Do they actually engage your audience? Drive business results? Today guest expert Racheal Cook, The Yogipreneur shares her lessons learned from her super popular Fired Up & Focused Challenge.

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • How Racheal’s client feedback drove her to create her Fired Up and Focused Challenge
  • What Racheal learned from running the last round of her challenge
  • How to use your communication style to drive how you create offerings
  • Racheal’s style of doing it her own way
  • The power of using micro-results to keep your clients feeling like they’re ‘winning’ and drive them to continue
  • What to consider before jumping into creating a challenge
  • How to use your community to respond to their needs in a challenge
  • What Racheal wish she knew about running a challenge
  • Racheal’s steps for promoting and running your challenge in the most successful way

Top 3 Takeaways for this Episode:

  1. Find a way to connect with your community and get their feedback before you get too far into creating something.
  2. Feel free to change direction and change the rules if it doesn’t feel right to you. Your marketing can be done your way – and in alignment with your style.
  3. Borrow from other industries, don’t confine yourself to online marketing and online businesses.


The Fired Up & Focused Challenge

The Yogipreneur

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