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Episode #36 – Boost Your Business with Pop Culture (Featuring Katie Krimitsos)

episode 36No matter what you’re promoting, it can be hard to stand out. Especially when it’s not time sensitive and the goal is to boost the listenership of your podcast. In this episode fellow podcaster Katie Krimitsos shares how she created a promotion around Shark Week in August to have former Shark Tank guests on her show and create buzz in the process.

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • How Katie and her team came up with the idea for ‘Shark Week’
  • How Katie was able to get former Shark Tank guests on the podcast, and how easy it ended up being once she asked
  • The planning process and thought process that went into the week and how Katie kicked it off
  • How Katie and her team got their listeners involved and made them feel a part of the week to get them invested
  • The marketing process involved leading up to the week to get listeners excited
  • How to get your ‘champions’ lined up to help spread your marketing
  • How amazing the results turned out to be for Katie, both immediate and long-term
  • Katie’s big lessons learned through this process

Top 3 Takeaways for this Episode:

  1. Don’t go it alone! When trying to come up with a creative idea, look outside yourself. Get help, brainstorm with your husband, kids, business BFFs, whoever. You never know where a good idea will come from.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. The worst that will happen is a ‘no thank you’ or simply no response to your email.
  3. We need to be able to mix things up and keep it fresh. Look for opportunities to innovate with what’s going on around you.

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