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Episode 124: Intuitive Leadership to Grow Your Business

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Have you ever had the whole moment where you know you should or shouldn’t do something and you’re not entirely sure how you know it? That’s your intuition in action. Coach Caroline Frenette joins us to share how to use you intuition to guide your business and avoid going off course by following the crowd.

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Caroline explains what intuitive leadership is and how you can use it
  • We can use this to tap into our inner strength and confidence to take the leaps we want in business, Caroline explains how
  • Caroline shares how she discovered intuitive leadership and why it’s so helpful for herself and many of her clients
  • Caroline has used intuitive leadership to help many of her clients coming to her totally overwhelmed with what they need to do for their business
  • When all the strategies you are trying to use are not working in your business, you may need to look at the energy around you and what you are able to put into your business
  • Intuition is not fear; Caroline explains how a fear can come about from an intuition
  • Once you begin to build your inner confidence, it starts to happen organically and you learn to trust your intuition even more
  • Caroline and I share personal and business stories of how our intuition has worked for us in the past (or not worked when we didn’t listen!)
  • Caroline shares her top takeaway for us to start using our intuition to become a great and powerful force in our businesses

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Top 3 Takeaways from this Episode:

  1. Trust your gut. Seriously. It’s the simplest advice but when we get off course it’s usually because we stop listening to what we know to be true and listening way too much to others.
  2. Learn how your intuition shows up for you and the difference between fear and the clear, positive energy of your intuition.
  3. Clarity and being able to use your intuition takes practice. But it’s so, so worth it once you’ve really dialed into it.


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