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7 Email Marketing Secrets for Your Small Business


Email is one of those things on our marketing to-do list that can make you wonder if you really should be doing it. When we’re so focused on streamlining our email, getting to inbox zero, and moving our collaboration to tools like Basecamp or Slack, is there still a place for email? Yes. Email isn’t [...]

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Episode #47 – Why Your Email List Matters with Lara Wellman


As you plan for 2015, where’s your email marketing on your list? Guest Lara Wellman talks about email marketing and list building, with a focus on some super practical ideas to make the most of email in your business. Items Discussed in this Episode: Why small businesses need to care about email marketing, even though [...]

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Episode #12 – Ali Rittenhouse Talks Email Marketing Fundamentals


In episode #12 we talk about email marketing basics as part of the Brilliant Basics series. Email marketing is a lynchpin of our online marketing and our guest expert Ali Rittenhouse shares lots of tips and ideas for making the most of  your email marketing. Items Discussed in this Episode: The instability of social media [...]

email marketing The Marketing Moxie Show