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A Q&A on Making 2016 Your Best Year Ever with Natalie MacNeil


When you think back to the past year, how does it make you feel? Do you have that moment of pride where you think, “yeah, totally nailed it!” or is it more like “well, that was good enough, but, I could totally do better next time around.”? No matter how you feel, the honest truth [...]

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Success and Sanity Lessons from My Small Business


In the digital world, 2 years is a long, long time. An eon. A straight up eternity when you consider how fast everything moves and how much information we create every single day. If we hop in the wayback machine, 2 years ago I was in the process of ripping apart my business and putting [...]

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Want a Super Successful Small Business? Try This.


I see it everyday, and I’m sure you do too. People struggling so hard to make a business work. Would-be business owners trying to fit all the pieces together and not quite getting there. On one hand, it’s heartbreaking. Watching people, particularly women, going for “it” but yet, they’re failing. They just can’t make it [...]

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Launching Lessons: 7 Things I Learned from My Launch


Time and space is a beautiful thing, which is why I’ve waited a few weeks before writing this post. I could have written it right after my launch, but I really needed time to process all of it and to get really clear on all of the tough launching lessons. I started planning the No [...]

launching marketing strategy

Launching Lessons: Tools & Tech for a Successful Launch


Earlier this week we wrapped up the launch of the No B.S. Marketing School, and I’ll be sharing nitty gritty details and everything I’ve learned from going through the process of creating and then launching this program. When I decided way back in January to develop and design this program, I made a special note [...]

launching marketing strategy tools

Your Marketing Mix: Stop Focusing Only on Traffic


There’s a million and one things you could do to “market” your business, but what’s the right thing? Which one will get you the results you’re after? Damn good question. It’s a question without a clear cut answer. And anyone who claims to be able to tell you exactly what to do may very well [...]

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7 Email Marketing Secrets for Your Small Business


Email is one of those things on our marketing to-do list that can make you wonder if you really should be doing it. When we’re so focused on streamlining our email, getting to inbox zero, and moving our collaboration to tools like Basecamp or Slack, is there still a place for email? Yes. Email isn’t [...]

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A Creative Entrepreneur’s Guide to Conversion Rates

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Do you identify yourself as a creative? Yeah, me too. I’ve always been a creative. I was raised by a hippie photographer father, who valued creativity above all else. I grew up in a time of possibility and around people who didn’t have traditional careers, so I was fully encouraged to let my creative (freak) [...]

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5 B.S. Online Marketing Myths Debunked


Whether you’ve been hanging out in the online business world for weeks, months or years, you’ve probably heard a lot of “rules” about how things need to be done. Rules, formulas, success strategies, blueprints – there’s an endless list of these things you should be doing according to the 24/7 parade of experts. A lot [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Storytelling


When was the last time you read a good book? You know, the kind that keeps you up half the night, even though you have a zillion things to do in the morning, because you MUST know how it’s going to end. There’s nothing like a gripping page turner that you can’t put down. It [...]

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