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Why YOU May Be the Biggest Problem in Your Marketing (And How to Fix It)


I’ve been reading the book the 12 Week Year, and it’s got me thinking in a big way about how we’re our own worst enemies when it comes to being able to succeed. The premise of the book is that only by getting committed and focused, and then breaking down your years into 12 week [...]

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5 B.S. Online Marketing Myths Debunked


Whether you’ve been hanging out in the online business world for weeks, months or years, you’ve probably heard a lot of “rules” about how things need to be done. Rules, formulas, success strategies, blueprints – there’s an endless list of these things you should be doing according to the 24/7 parade of experts. A lot [...]

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The Unsexy Secret: It’s All About Consistency


A few weeks ago, I was asked by a new prospect what I thought the big difference was between good online businesses and ones that were truly great. I think she may have been looking for a much more exciting or sophisticated answer than the one I produced without missing a beat. My answer? Consistency. [...]

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When You Feel Like You’re Doing Your Business ALL Wrong


Last week, I wrote about some crazy things I’ve noted in online business, including six figure success, and that post hit a nerve. But one thing I heard over and over is that it resonated with many of you because you’re so tired of feeling like you’re doing “it” wrong. Your business, your marketing, your [...]

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Quit Dabbling, Start Doing: Creating Your Online Marketing Action Plan


In honor of a new quarter, I want to ask you a question…are you a dabbler? Specifically, a dabbler in marketing….and if you’re not sure, here are some signs that you’re dabbling: You’ve paid for a pile of marketing courses that languish on your hard drive for someday. Or you’ve taken them but have applied [...]

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10 Lessons from 10 Years in Business


  While I was away frolicking on the beach in Hawaii and wearing copious amounts of SPF 60, a big milestone came and went. On May 13th, it was my 10th anniversary in business. That means a lot of things, starting with I’ve defied the odds and this is the longest I’ve “worked” anywhere. It [...]

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Give Your Gut Check a Reality Check: Why Conversion Rate Matters


A couple of years ago, I finally realized that one of my real superpowers in my business was my intuition. And that as the CEO of my enterprise, this is one of the most valuable tools I’ve got in my arsenal. When I ignore my intuition, things go to shit pretty quickly. So when my [...]

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The Marketing Shoulds – What’s On Your List?


I recently did a podcast interview and we got to talking about my take on the marketing shoulds. You know the idea that you should do this, or you should do that to build your business. The next thing you are shoulding all over yourself and you feel all kinds of wrong. And why? Because [...]

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